Junior Funding Agent

The junior funding agent is responsible for making a positive first impression to the candidate.

Who We Are:

Go Cap Advance believes in small and medium-sized businesses and in the people who make them grow. We leverage technology, partner relations, and customer support to provide business owners with accelerated and tailored access to the capital solutions they need.

The Opportunity:

The junior funding agent is responsible for the initial contact with the MCA candidate and provides an overview of how the candidate may benefit from this type of funding.

Main Duties:
1. Initiating contact with potential clients for business funding
2. Qualify/disqualify potential clients
3. Remit Application to Client
4. Assist in document collection
5. Hand off completed submission package to senior funding manager

Keys to success:
1. Demonstrating an interest in the merchant's business
2. Completing as much of the application as possible for the client before
sending it out for signature
3. Being proactive
4. Calling leads quickly
5. Using email, text, and CRM to increase workflow and contact rates
6. Time management
7. Remaining mindful of goals set by your manager

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